The Padillas – Autism ETC’s October Family of the Month

Imagine the bewildering disbelief of receiving an autism diagnosis for your first child. Now, imagine learning that your second child also has autism. This is what happened in the lives of the Padilla Family, Autism ETC’s family of the month. Parents Stephanie and Oscar have two children–Mason (age 5) and Evee (age 3). Both of their children have been diagnosed with ASD.

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The Fullers – Autism ETC’s August Family of the Month

Elijah was non-verbal; he would not make eye contact; he would stare at ceiling fans; and to express his warrants and needs, he would lead his caregiver to the item rather than simply telling them what he desired. Both Adam and Danielle made the decision to speak with their pediatrician about their concerns. The pediatrician referred them to Vanderbilt for testing.

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