What Makes us the Best in ABA

We utilize a team-oriented, collaborative approach to ABA in our  state-of-the-art therapy centers. We have an expert staff of therapists that offer individualized treatment to each client with mentorship and support to their peers.

Our staff learns, grows, and develops as a team.  The result is the best ABA care in Middle Tennessee.

What ‘Family’ Means to Us

When you join the Autism ETC family, you are joining a group of caring and devoted individuals. Staff members support one another by offering advice, empathy or sometimes a simple pat on the back. Autism ETC holds numerous outings throughout the year to encourage friendship, camaraderie, and trust among its staff members.

What to Expect When you Join our Family

Career opportunities abound in our established, yet rapidly growing company. Entry level, leadership, and management positions are available with plenty of room for advancement. We are actively building the finest staff in the region by offering competitive salaries, generous benefits, and continuous education, all in a center-based work environment.

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